What Collusion Helped Whom?

February 8, 2018

If Americans are totally confused by the investigation into what the Russians did or did not do to influence our 2016 election, no one can blame them. There is a peculiar lack of logic in Washington, D.C. when party nomenklatura discuss these matters.

'Delegitimizing' Mueller? Don't Blame the Nunes Memo

February 8, 2018

The FBI and Justice Department hyped Trump–Russia collusion. Rod Rosenstein can right that wrong.

Israel Built a 'Wall' and Is Deporting Illegal Aliens. America Can Learn

February 7, 2018

Israeli opponents of amnesty for African migrants are not simply reviled as racists, however. Over the past two weeks, leftist pressure groups and activists have equated amnesty opponents to Nazis. Africans who enter Israeli illegally in search of work are equated to Jews in Europe during Holocaust desperate to escape the Nazis.

The Russian Dossier: Enter, Sid

February 7, 2018

A “second Trump-Russia dossier” has been turned over to the FBI, the Guardian reported. The second dossier was compiled by Cody Shearer, who the Guardian identifies as a “a controversial political activist and former journalist who was close to the Clinton White House in the 1990s.”

Let's Win One for the Gipper!

February 6, 2018

“I firmly believe that it was the determination to embark upon that SDI program and to continue with it that eventually convinced the Soviet Union that they could never, never, never achieve their aim by military might because they would never succeed.” ~ Margaret Thatcher

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