MARCH 21, 2018

Thank you all, from Family Security Matters. We are announcing our retirement

MARCH 20, 2018

The Port of Wilmington deal with GULFTAINER is the second transfer of a major U.S port operation to GULFTAINER in the past four years.

"The FBI expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and accountability."

MARCH 19, 2018

The peculiar discoveries in the papers made by investigative journalists Mary Fanning and Alan Jones have not received the national media attention they warrant.

breaking news lightHow much would it be worth to Saddam Hussein’s nuclear bomb-maker to be able to control a major U.S. port through which he could secretly bring lethal weapons – or just about anything else – into this country? It turns out the answer is $589 million.

Giving Putin 20 percent of key national security resource was part of much bigger plan to hide Russian cruise missiles here in plain sight

MARCH 16, 2018

‘Remember, every time you hear a gunshot in an active shooter incident; you have to believe that is another victim being killed.’

The Broward County Sheriff's officers on the scene did not "immediately" go to confront the shooter. They waited outside.

MARCH 14, 2018

Baltimore took it a step further by also creating a policy to go easy on alien criminals in state cases to avert collateral immigration consequences.

The president talked about the importance of taking on sanctuary cities, whose policies put the nation at risk, because criminals take refuge there and make it dangerous for law enforcement.

MARCH 13, 2018

Host John Roberts pressed Conaway on whether the committee found any "collusion" at all. "No evidence," Conaway said.

MARCH 12, 2018

Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote in a column published today that she would have killed her unborn child if a test determined it had Down syndrome and that...


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