Family Security Matters says good-bye


Thank you all, from Family Security Matters. We are announcing our retirement.

Thank you to our generous donors, our dedicated employees, our brilliant and expert writers and contributors, our enthusiastic readers, our fabulous technology company eResources, our loyal supporters, our dear friends, our wise advisers.

Soon after 9/11, Family Security Matters was born. It was borne of a need to educate the American public about the many threats to our national and family security, from what is taught in our classrooms; to the dangers of feckless national security and foreign policy; to how and why the government executes foreign policy, in particular in relation to Israel and other allies and enemies; to the terror threats of fundamentalist Islam all over the globe; to the unwelcome influence of politics on our safety...and much, much more.

But now, after 14 years of publishing many thousands of articles, experts, videos, polls and white papers, and knowing that our site truly made a difference in people's fluency and understanding of our national security needs, we believe it is time to sit back, congratulate ourselves...and retire.

Thanks to all the visitors who have read our tirades in between the fine journalism we have published since the very beginning.   Thanks to the broadcast and print media for interviewing us, publishing our writings and asking our opinions on many topics - we were happy to impart what we'd found in our own research, all of which came to pass!

We've had an absolutely fantastic run, we have met important, committed and consequential people in this fight to preserve western civilization, and we will cherish and keep alive those treasured relationships for a lifetime. But for now, it's time for the next generation to step up to the plate. And we welcome their arrival with open arms.

With deep gratitude,

The FSM Team

FSM National Security team.    

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